All you need to run your business, backed by the power of the cloud

Firecat is our next-generation accounting software, built on the latest HTML5 technology. Whether it’s on mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop, access all your financial data wherever you are. And because it’s cloud-based, there’s no need to worry about backups. Not just for the data itself, either – every transaction on the system can have any number of attachments or notes added, which are stored securely indefinitely.

Nobody else comes close to matching Firecat’s functionality for the price

Firecat is a fully functional online finance suite, including full General Ledger, Cash Management, Purchase Ledger, Purchase Ordering, Sales Ledger, Payroll, and VAT modules – for just £10 a month (plus VAT). Here’s a brief rundown of Firecat’s major features…

General Ledger

Cash Management

Purchase Ledger

Purchase Ordering

Sales Ledger



Multiple users

An open system for the modern web

In the past, vendor lock-in has blighted the world of technology. We reject this – Firecat is proudly built using open standards. After all, it’s your data, not ours. Every transaction in the system can be saved in the open XML format. Plus we have an API, meaning that other systems can talk to Firecat. And all of our enquiry screens have an option to save the data as a spreadsheet, so you can manipulate it yourself online.

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